So I still haven't uploaded my pictures from my weekend in Madison so those will be coming soon, lately I have been just hanging out with my sister and my dad since my mom is still in Eau Claire. My dad took us to Back to The Fifties, a classic car show held every year, I had been one year before but Heidi had never gone so we went to that. Today I finally scheduled my last behind the wheel and my drivers test so after July 30th hopefully I'll be driving on my own. I finished my book, My Sister's Keeper, by Jodi Picoult and it was so good, I recommend it, although it is kind of a "heavy" book, meaning it's not the most uplifting. So now I think I'll move on to a lighter read, maybe either a Nicholas Sparks book (always a quick read) or A Walk In the Woods by Bill Bryson, an appropriate time to read it since my brother is actually on the AT right now. Andy just called as I was writing this and he's doing well, they are almost to the halfway mark, another week will make it official so that's exciting. Well since I always like adding some kind of picture to each entry (makes it more fun) I'll post a couple of picture from a walk that Heidi and I took earlier this summer. Enjoy and have a happy Monday!

Ready to go

Me giving the thumbs up

Heidi giving two thumbs up, super excited about this "nature walk"

weird special effects pic

picture of me and Heidi on a bridge

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