It's Official

Yes, it's true, today is the first real day of spring and for once we don't have snow on the ground! That's a victory right there. I realize that just because the calender says that it's spring doesn't mean that everything automatically changes into spring but when it does begin to act like spring these are the things that I'm excited for the most.

I will have to dust off my flip flops that have been hibernating in my closet all winter!
I can't wait to be able to open my window and have a fresh spring breeze blow into my room.

I have been waiting to make use of the clothes line in the back of the girl's dorm so that I can have my clothes smell like spring after they have been dried on the line. Another plus is that I won't have to battle with the frustrating dryers in the girl's dorm.
Rain. If you know me at all you must have known that this was going to make my list. I'm done with snow, I'm ready for a good pour. I LOVE rainy days. I can't wait for April showers!
Well April showers bring May flowers and I am always filled with joy when I see tulips blooming, they are one of my favorite flowers.
Green grass. I can't wait to be able to go out and lay on the hill and do my homework after school. {It makes the homework so much more bearable}
And finally I am ready to see cherry blossoms again. They are only out for a short time but I love it when the Cherry Blossom trees on campus are in full bloom.

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Anonymous said...

are you too busy with your brand new facebook to update your blog? :)

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