We Be Trippin'

Megan left yesterday but we had fun these past couple of days. She arrived on Tuesday night. Then on Wednesday we did some thrift shopping and stopped at Dunn Brothers and then we packed up and hit the road for South Dakota. It was fun to have a road trip with Megs again. We stopped at the corn capitol of MN and of course we had to stop in Dawson so that Megan could meet the gnomes. Downtown ChaskaAfter we made it to South Dakota Jake, Megan, and I went to Storybook Land. Megan and Jake had both been there before when they were kids but I had never been. It was really fun, they have characters from all of the classic children's books.
Then all too soon it was time for Megan and I to journey back to Chaska. We had to snap a few more pictures right before we left. Jacob has issues with blinking during pictures so this was his attempt at keeping them open after many failed attempts. The sunset this night was really pretty.Megan and I hit up River City Days in Chaska the last day she was here. We got a few books at a used book sale and some cute scarves at Lillians. It was really nice to spend time with friends again, I already miss them. But I have someone else coming to visit me soon. But more on that later :)

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