Sick Days

Last week Jo came to my house and we had a lot of fun. We went canoeing and I took her to valleyfair. We did some baking and just had a fun time hanging out together. Then Jake came and we got to spend a bit of time all together. Then Jo left but she left something behind...the cold she had. I of course, with such a weak immune system caught her cold immediately. But I tried not to let it stop me from having a good time while Jake was here. We went to the MN zoo. I hadn't been there in such a long time, it was really fun. After spending a few days together Jake left and then my sickness took full hold of me. Yesterday I spent the whole day resting and drinking tea and watching Gilmore Girls, oh and watching my tissue box quickly empty. Today I'm afraid I'm not feeling much better but I hope this is the last day I feel this bad.

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megs said...

ah season 3 such a great season because rory and jess finally get together. guess what i'm afraid i might get sick now because ben hansen was at our house and now we find out he has hoof-and-mouth disease. this is the one sickness i actually don't want to get so i will probably end up with it.

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