This is What Sick Days are Made of

Leave it to me and my weak immune system to get a cold in the spring time. I felt it coming on Tuesday night and it took full hold of me on Wednesday and unfortunately I had to work Wednesday night and by the time my shift was over I was ready to collapse. So today is my sick day. Which is made up of the following to help me rest and feel better...

Lots of sleep and a hot shower.
Some laughter courtesy of Arrested Development,
A good book,
A phone call to my caring boyfriend (I miss him, can't wait to see him next week!)
A box of tissues and a glass of juice are always by my side and of course I am nice and cozy in my sweats. I am hoping to kick this cold by next week so that I can enjoy my time with Jacob without feeling miserable. I hope that everyone is having a great Thursday!

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