Feeling Blue

Yesterday was a rough day. At six in the morning I found myself in my pajamas in our entry way saying a tearful goodbye to my brother Andrew. With my parents, I watched as he and his fiance pulled out of the driveway with a full car, packed with all of his belongings, headed to California. I know it was time for him to move out and to move on with his life, I knew he couldn't live here forever, but it's an understatement to say that it will take some adjusting to getting used to him not being here. The rest of the day I was trying to find a way to hold myself together but had no such luck. I lost count of the number of times I broke down and cried and it didn't help that both of my parents were down and out about it as well. I'm happy for him, to get married and to unpack into his first apartment, but it's hard to walk past his room or to come home to a house that he no longer lives in.
After my brother left I made a tearful call to Jacob and even though he may have been a bit groggy from me waking him up at 6:30 on a Sunday morning, he stayed on the phone with me and tried to help me calm down. He had to work that day and then was on his way to meet up with his family in Duluth for vacation. At 9:30pm Jacob appeared at my house with flowers in hand. He couldn't stay more than five minutes because he still had a good stretch of road to conquer but that fact that he stopped to see me when I felt like I needed him the most meant the world to me. Then with a quick hug and a kiss he was gone and I went to put my two bouquets of flowers in a vase. I brought them into my room last night and then moved them upstairs today so that I could see them throughout the day. Whenever I look at them it brings instant cheer to my day. One of the many reasons that I love Jacob, he is always there when I need him!my lovely flowers

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bethany said...

Oh, Jenny, family moving out is so difficult! I think I may have cried more when I moved out than when my sister did, but there is such an empty, noticeable change in a house.

Growing up is terribly difficult sometimes, isn't it? Happy to see you have some cheery blooms to bring you smiles. :)

Maybe you'll need to go shopping for something just as cute as that mustard colored bag, a few posts back. :)

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