This is What Weekends are Made of

{I've been burning my favorite candle all afternoon, it smells like Autumn}

I must say everything about this weekend so far has been thoroughly enjoyable. Starting with the fact that one of my two Friday classes was canceled, meaning that I was done with school at 10am, allowing my weekend to start early! I spent my extra time baking some cookies. I made my Autumn twist of a Christmas favorite, peanut butter blossoms made with pumpkin spice kisses and caramel apple kisses. Try it, you won't be disappointed. Then at 2 I was off to meet a few friends at the Mall of America for some shopping, dinner, and good company. When I arrived home I was pleasantly surprised to see the first fire of the season burning in our fireplace, so I settled in and watched a movie with my family, fireside. This morning I woke up to another perfectly crisp fall day. My mom and I hit up the Junk Bonanza which was a lot of fun and really inspiring. And I spent the rest of my afternoon singing along to the Glee soundtrack as I switched my closet over from summer to fall clothes. I must say, I can't wait to start layering my clothes and to be able to wear scarves again! Now my mind is clear because I am sitting in a completely clean and organized room and I have the rest of the evening to chill out with the family and to have a Skype date with a certain someone later tonight. I love weekends!

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Megan said...

I really appreciate this one Jen.

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