30 Day Challenge {Day 12}

{Day 12} What you believe...

I'm not in a super serious mood right now so I am interpreting today's challenge as sharing a few silly or superficial things that I believe so here it goes:
~I believe that the only people allowed to wear crocs are gardeners, nurses, and chefs, that's it and they can only wear them while working otherwise they are not acceptable footwear.
~I believe that a milkshake always tastes better when accompanied with fries.
~I believe that romantic comedies {or rom coms as some might say} are getting even more predictable than they used to be which makes them hard to watch.
~I believe that the first snow of the season is pure magic.
~I believe that Gilmore Girls is enjoyed best while sipping some hot coffee or eating junk food

So there you go, a few things that I believe in without getting too heavy on a Monday morning.

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