30 Day Challenge {Day 20}

{Day 20} Nicknames
Well I guess over the course of my life I have been given many nicknames, some stuck and some didn't. My dad is the king of nicknames and can almost never call anyone by their real name. The nicknames he comes up with are completely random the two that he has given me that I can remember are "Jenny Wenny Coco Puff" and "Jenny Poley". Then I guess my every day nicknames are just variations of Jennifer. I mostly go by Jenny but I also get called Jen, both are okay by me. My two best friends started calling me Juniper in high school and they decided to do spin off names off of that so during any given conversation with them I will answer to Juney, Juniper, or June. I guess those are my most memorable nicknames except one that my brother calls me but I'm going to leave that one a mystery, it would take a lot of explaining. So how about you? Do you have any interesting nicknames?


Megan said...

Excuse me, what about Stretch?

Becca said...

Come on you can't leave out chaunchy it's the best one

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