The {Mane} Reason

Sometimes I wish that you could grow your hair out as quickly as you can cut it. I usually go from one extreme to another when it comes to my hairstyle. I either desire short hair or really long hair and it kills me to wait for my hair to grow out. I had my fun with short hair for a while but now my hair is at a very boring length, it is neither long nor short...it's in the in between. I feel that my hair is so ho hum that I don't do anything with it. I can't decide if I want bangs anymore so they are at an unacceptable length. My morning hair routine consists of whipping out my trusty bobby pins and securing my bangs back in one way or another and usually the rest of my hair gets thrown into a sad looking pony tail. I could do more to make my hair look nice but because of the length of my hair I feel uninspired to do so. I miss miss miss my long locks and so badly want them back. I miss the way curls looked, I miss messy buns, long braids, straight hair, wavy hair, what have you. I feel that is all looks better long {for me that is}. Although my hair does grow at a rapid pace {making bangs a pain to keep short enough} it's not fast enough. Until my hair returns to it's former glory I will have to be happy with dreaming about how I will style my hair when the day comes again.photos found on weheartit.com

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