A White Washed Weekend

On Friday I went to Jacob's for the first time in months and the roads were clear, the sun was out, I was singing along to the Glee Soundtrack and I was in a great mood. I chose to ignore the snowstorm warnings and hope that they were wrong, after all a few days prior it was a shocking 55 degrees! But alas the snow did come. As I looked out the window on Sunday barely being able to see the end of the parking lot, I was wishing for the 50 degree weather and melting snow to come back. Even though I am completely ready for spring and can't believe that we just got 17 more inches of snow, I really can't complain. The snowstorm allowed me to stay an extra night with my lovely boyfriend and his family. Which means that I had a four day weekend and only two days of school this week. I had a great weekend just hanging out with Jacob. We watched Gone With the Wind, which I had never seen and Jacob likes it a lot, so we watched two hours of it on Saturday and the remaining two on Sunday. I really liked it, I can definitely see why it's such a classic. The rest of the weekend we spent playing board games and Wii and staying nice an warm inside. Jacob however was getting a bad case of cabin fever so on Monday, when things were clearer, we did some shopping. And we also exchanged Valentine's Day gifts. These lovely tulips {my favorite flower} were a part of Jacob's gift to me and I'm happy to say they made the trip home with me just fine. It's nice to have a vase full of spring time blooms since we won't be seeing any outside for a while.


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