Spring Break

I can't believe that my spring break is almost over. All that is left is the weekend, let me tell you, it flew by. Luckily Jacob and I happened to have the same break so we started things off last Friday by heading down to Madison, WI to visit our friend Jo (who we hadn't seen in forever!) No, it wasn't a warm destination filled with sand, sun, and surf but it was a blast nonetheless. We went to the zoo and did some shopping on State Street. On our way back to my house we stopped in Eau Claire to visit a few more friends. It was so good to catch up with friends that I haven't seen in a while.

The rest of the week was spent at my house. I snagged two free Minnesota Zoo passes from the library, so on Tuesday we went to yet another zoo! We also went to see Black Swan which was disturbingly good and Natalie Portman definitely deserved best actress for her role.

I had intentions of finishing off the week with a trip to the Walker Arts Center and trying our hand at making homemade bagels but unfortunately I caught a terrible cold that pretty much wiped me out. So from Wednesday on we lounged around watching movies. I fell asleep Wednesday morning and I woke up to Jacob handing me a bouquet of yellow daisies and a vanilla shake to sooth my throat. Can I just pause here to say that I have a pretty great boyfriend? He just left a couple of hours ago and I'm sad to see him go. I think I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend resting and trying to get better before I dive back into school. I'm so sad that Spring Break is almost over but I can't complain because it was a great week.

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