I Want to Ride my Bicycle

Spring is here and that means that it's time to pump up my tires and start cycling. I've always loved biking. When I was little my mom and I used to take a bike ride every afternoon. We even had a very specific route that we would take every time and looking back on it now I bet my mom got pretty tired of the same old path. Nonetheless it's one of my fondest childhood memories. Currently I own a mountain bike but one day I would love to own a dreamy vintage bike with a cute basket attached to pedal around town. I dream of taking it to the library and filling the basket with books or taking a quick jaunt to the grocery store. I would love to buy an old bike and fix it up and paint it a shiny, powder blue. I would ride around town in style like Ellen, Zooey and Audrey here.

And for your listening enjoyment here are a few bicycle themed songs, enjoy!

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Megan Jane said...

You need a head scarf like Audrey's too!

Laura said...

I have a vintage bike, except mine is green, not a pretty powder blue. I do have the awesome basket, though. Hit up some garage sales - I bet you can find what you're looking for. Good luck!

bethany said...

Eeek! So, so pretty! Oh wow. How these make me want to pedal down the street on a day like today. Someday I'll own something this dreamy.

My dad is a firm believer in helmets...and I just know I should wear one, but they look so dorky. They would ruin my riding aesthetic! You never see Zooey with helmet head!

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