Things I love this Thursday

It has been a long week so far and only one more day to go! Here are a few things that I've been loving lately...
I am in love with this pastel shade of blue. Especially for spring, I might just have to pick up a bottle and turn my nails a pretty shade of blue for Easter!
A couple of months ago I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and discovered these gorgeous feather cookies. I might just have to try my hand at making these this summer when I have a little more time on my hands.
I'm loving the trend of geode jewelry. Aren't these aqua blue geode earrings swell? Maybe someday I'll have them in my collection, until then I'll just drool over all of the fabulous choices on Etsy.
I love, love, love dreamy outdoor tents like this one. It reminds me of the "forts" I used to build with my siblings when I was young. However this one is much better, I would have killed for one like this when I was little. I think this would be such a fun date to have a picnic dinner in a lavish tent like this one. Which reminds me of my last favorite thing I want to share. I know it seems strange that I'm posting a car commercial video but I think this one is really cute and I love the song too!

And there you have it, 5 things I'm loving this Thursday!

1 comment:

Megan Jane said...

I've been seeing that color of nail polish everywhere and every time I think it looks marvelous!

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