Wednesday Pick Me Up

My Wednesdays usually consist of:
  •  Early to rise
  • School. Including a two hour lab which I dread every week
  • Homework
  • A call to the boyfriend
  • Early to bed
This last Wednesday my day consisted of:
  • Skipping my first class because Jacob came to surprise me on Tuesday night
  • Going to my other two classes knowing Jacob was waiting outside for me
  • My best friend coming after my last class and the three of us meandering through the student art show
  • Grabbing a late lunch
  • Chilling at home after school with Jacob, watching some of our favorite shows together
  • For once blowing off homework, I was apprehensive at first but I'm glad I put it off, it was worth it
I was simply touched that Jacob made a trip in the middle of the week just to come and see my art. He called me Tuesday night asking me what I would say if he told me he was coming. After trying to convince him that he shouldn't drive all the way here just to see my art in the student art show, I lost and told him that he should come if he wants, to which he replied, "Good because I've been on my way the whole time I've been talking to you." Jacob can be very tricky like that sometimes, but I like it, it keeps me on my toes. So although he was only here for about a day I was really happy to see him and the spend some time with him and Megan. I feel so lucky to have such amazingly supportive people in my life. Megan, acting like a proud mom made me pose by my art so here are a couple of her snapshots.

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