Jump for Art!

My art history teacher showed us this blog in class the other day and I felt that I had to pass it on. It's called Jumping in Art Museums and it's pretty entertaining. It's basically just what is sounds like. People from all over send in their photos of jumping in art museums. I'm not going to lie some jumps are pretty lame and need some serious work. Especially the MN photos, I might just have to make it a summer goal to go to the Walker or the MIA and jump for art! I hope you find this at least mildly entertaining. The photo shown above is a girl jumping in front of a Dan Flavin work, an artist that we covered in my contemporary art history class this semester, who works with fluorescent tubing. I think some of his works are pretty rad. That's right I just used the word "rad", why not? Well I hope you enjoy, now I have to get back to writing my art history research paper. Once I finish this sucker I won't have a lot left on my list of homework to finish before the end of the semester. Woo hoo!

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