Happy Birthday Love!

Today is my lovely boyfriend's 20th birthday!

He doesn't care too much about his birthday, he sees it as just another day. I, however think birthdays are a big deal so please forgive me Jacob, for taking it upon myself to brag about you a little bit on your special day. So my love, this blog post is for you, Happy 20th Birthday and thank you for making me so happy each and every day!

20 things I love about you...

1. I love that you share my passion for a strong cup of coffee and can brew a mean pot like no one else
2. I love that you are very particular about what kind of socks you wear and that you hate it when socks don't match.
3. I love that I can tell when you think something is really funny by the sound of your laugh and the way you throw your head back.
4. I love your honesty and your ability to open your heart up to me and tell me anything and everything
5. I love the way you mumble to yourself when you are trying to figure something out.
6. I love how your passion is chemistry and how you "geek out" whenever the subject comes up.
7. I love how happy going to the zoo makes you; seriously I think you have more fun than most of the kids there.
8. I love that you've seen The Terminal 1,000 times and never grow tired of it.
9. I love that you actually enjoy going shopping with me
10. I love that you are a romantic at heart.
11. I love your patience, it's something I really admire
12. I love that you can chop wood like a lumberjack and build a fire like no man's business.
13. I love that you can cook (better than me)
14. I love that you are one of the hardest workers that I know (and you never complain even after working a 12 or 14 hr day)
15. I love how much you love to grill and that almost every time we are at the store you have to check out their grill selection.
16. I love your fearless ability to try new things.
17. I love how you almost never let me drive, even on long road trips because you like driving so much.
18. I love that you like to get dressed up
19. I love that you hate ice in your drinks
20. I love that you put so much effort into making our long distance relationship work.

I love you Jacob and I hate that I wasn't able to be with you today for your birthday. I hope you didn't work too hard today and that you manage to squeeze something fun in!

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