Scrapping inspiration

So it may sound kind of nerdy but I have a favorite scrapbooker, Elsie Flannigan. She has been featured in Creating keepsakes and is currently putting out her own line of scrapping materials. I love her pages huge inspiration. I got her book for my last birthday called 52 scrapbooking challenges and I love it! Speaking of scrapbooking I've done quite a bit since the last time I posted some of my pages. I started and finished a mini book of valentine's day baking pictures,it turned out super cute (pink and girly) maybe I'll post a couple of those pages soon. Anyways if you want to check some of Elsie's stuff out she has a blog it's super cute take a look for yourself.
Here are a few of her adorable pages.

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Jessica said...

all inspiring and all by els!

you are officially tagged (by me) to share 8 random things about yourself in your next post! then you can tag 8 other bloggers to do the same. but wait! i already claimed your sis. have fun! :)

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