Together Again!

So last week Emily came to my house on Thursday and spent the night and we had a good time catching up (she had never been to my house before so that was fun) Then the next day we were going to take Emily and Carly to the airport (they were flying to Denver) and Vanessa was going to drive Carly to my house that morning and we were going to spend the day together. When Vanessa and Carly pulled into my driveway, Megan was in the front seat! I had no idea that she was coming. Her parents were in Eau Claire visiting the Meyers and Megan decided to come with. It was such a happy surprise. I hadn't seen her all summer and we wanted to get together but didn't know how so it worked out perfectly. I showed Carly and Vanessa around my house (they had never been there either) and then we went to Excelsior for lunch and to shop around. We had to stop at Caribou Coffee because Carly was dying to go there for her first time and then we headed out to the airport. Megan spent some extra time at my house while Vanessa was visiting someone else in the area, so it was time well spent. I was sad to see them go so quickly but I love little surprises like that so it was a fun day. And look I even have pictures to prove they came.

Me, Carly, Megan, Vanessa, and Emily, together!

Me and Carly at the restaurant

Me and Megs!

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Anonymous said...

woof my bangs are wiggin' out in the last pic...
we gotta go to that restaurant (sp? looks funny to me) again, i'm cravin' some of those cheese puffs.
hey in a rececnt scrubs episode they used the word "mack" like six times...right after we talked about it! plus i just saw the one where jd eats off the floor!
okay this is getting too long...
i'm leaving this anonymous to see if you can figure me out. ;)

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