Sleep Through the Static

On Sunday I went to River's Edge in Somerset, WI to see Jack live. After getting through a lot of traffic to get there (including some interesting people in the traffic jam that kept us amused) we finally arrived. The "we" I should mention is me, Heidi, Erin, and my mom. It was really good music and a lot of fun. He played a lot of his popular songs and new songs from Sleep Through the Static. It was the perfect day for an outdoor concert. We had pretty good spots too and I'll post pictures from the actual concert when I get them uploaded. The opening act was Mason Jennings, a Minnesota born musician and he was really good too. It was a great summer concert and if you ever get the chance to see him live (even though he doesn't tour much) do it, it's worth it.

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Megs said...

They have been playing some amazingly good music at Ted's lately. I heard Jack Johnson there the other day, as well as The Fray, Goo Goo Dolls, Postal Service, some Death Cab and John Mayer for you, and even some Counting Crows! Sometimes I can't refrain from singing or humming along, even though I need to quit before some customer hears me and gives me a weird look. Anyway, this concert sounded like so much fun and I got the notebook and read about your traffic jam friends...lol.

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