I Had this Idea years ago

One day while I was looking at clothes online I ran across these. Let it be known that these were my idea years ago. Upon clicking on this link you may think I'm crazy for claiming that I came up with the idea for sweatpants. Well if you looked closely at these particular sweats you would have noticed that they sell them according to length. Never before have I seen sweatpants sold in longs like jeans are. Like I said, years ago I had this idea when shopping for sweatpants and never being able to find ones that fit me in the waist and are long enough. I either have to buy a size too large in the waist for the length to be long enough or the right size in the waist and suffer cold ankle syndrome {although let it be stated I usually opt. for the first option. I hate highwaters}. So in all of my frustration I have always thought that they need to sell sweatpants in longer {or shorter lengths if your sweats have a habit of being too long} lengths. Well I just had to share with all of you that the day is finally here. Even though it was my idea, I'll let American Eagle have this one since they actually decided to manufacture and sell the pants. I am hoping for the pants to go down in price a little bit before I buy them but nonetheless I'm happy and my long legs couldn't be happier.

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