One of my Favorite Trends

For a while now I have been wishing and hoping that I could get my hands on a certain type of hat. I had a lot of trouble finding it in stores so I thought I would try to find a knitting pattern for it online but this too was difficult because I didn't know exactly what this type of hat was called. I had seen many celebs sporting these lovely hats and so badly, badly wanted one of my own. And again I was looking at this website and found that they had just the hat I was looking for, and what was even better was they had the name of the hat, making it so easy for me to google and find a variety of different knitting patterns to make my own. I'm talking about a slouchy beret hat. Here's a picture of Rachel Bilson wearing one. {who in my opinion is the celeb who can pull this hat off the best}

So now I just need to take a trip to buy some yarn and start on my very own hat. I hope it turns out well, if it does I'll post a picture.

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megan said...

hooray! I'm so glad you finally found one!

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