It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Wow, it's been way too long since I've updated this site, July, that's how long it's been. I figured what a better time to post than now, Christmas season! It's finally here! How I've been longing for this time to come around again. But first things first before I start spouting off the reasons that I love this season. What I have been up to lately. Well I am almost half way through my senior year at Immanuel which I still can't believe. All year it has been a bittersweet feeling because I have been having a blast with my class this year. We have become closer than ever which is great but it will make it hard to part. I am editor of the Lance {school yearbook} this year with Kelsey, so that has kept me busy in planning and organization. I'm home on Thanksgiving break right now and just enjoying my time chilling with the fam. I finally have in my possession a slouchy hat which my mom made for me. I will post a picture below of it. That's about it other than that I am super excited for Christmas this year. Why do I love this holiday season more than the rest? Well I'm glad you asked here's why. . .

1. I have a long extended Christmas break at home. And who doesn't love to be home for the holidays?

2. I love the bundle up in layers and layers of clothes. Knit sweaters, long thermals, scarves, mittens, and hats: oh my!

3. Snow! I don't care about all of you critics out there that "hate" snow. I love snow and a Christmas without snow may be one of the saddest things in my book.

4. Christmas music. I challenge you to find any other holiday that has as many songs dedicated to it as Christmas does.

5. Hot beverages. Like the yummy peppermint hot cocoa treat pictured above, I love to warm my hands with a steaming mug of holiday cheer.

6. Decorations. All I need to say here is lights, tree, wreaths, snowmen, etc.

7. Food. A belly stuffed full with various Norwegian treats.

8. Bright paper packages tied up with string

9. Family time, watching classic Christmas movies together and other Christmas time activities
10. Christmas Eve service at my Church. Above all I love the Christmas Eve service. Hearing about Christ's birth every year brings a comfort that none of the other nine things listed above can bring.

So I hope everyone is as excited as I am about the Holidays and enjoys themselves. I'll try to post more often. Below I'll share a few pictures from my year so far.

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Becca said...

Jenny, good thing I have you on my google reader so I noticed you updated. I like the hat, mom should whip one up for me! I'm knitting some leg warmers. I got a little hat from Gap, I love it! That picture, is great and all Little Womeny- but the dog???

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