Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow!

Well I'm back from break and I was preparing myself for a harsh Monday on my return as they usually are. Mondays after breaks are the worst because I am usually sooo tired and school can be a real drag after break but I was really able to ease back into it. Prof. Schaller was snowed in in Wisconsin somewhere and I didn't have Brit. Lit. Art is always a wonderful class and we just recently started our mosaic unit and while we work we get to listen to Christmas music, art is bliss. And as far as my Monday Chemistry class goes it wasn't too bad, just going over a corrected test wasn't so bad. But anyways I'm back at school now and Christmas competitions have started in the dorm again and I will try my best to hold my title as ultimate winner from last year. You may be wondering about this post subject and the random snow picture. Well I am happy to hear that there is a lot of snow in the forecast tonight. Snow!!! And hopefully a whole blanket of it. I cannot have a non-white Christmas, it simply will not do. Every morning lately I have been checking my window in hopes of seeing a world of white. Well could tomorrow be the morning or will I have to send an angry letter to the Eau Claire weathermen? Only time will tell.

1 comment:

rinse*repeat said...

Gorgeous photo!

I think your winter wonderland wish came true this weekend :)

Merry, merry Christmas!

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