Baby It's Cold Outside

This year I decided that I would try to make some of my Christmas presents and I think I did pretty well. My proudest project was the fleece blankets that I made for Taylor and Alex. As I was making them I was just hoping that they would like them but then I was thinking that they wouldn't be that thrilled over a blanket. I had a lot of fun making them and thinking of my little (but not so little anymore) niece and nephew staying warm wrapped up in these blankets during these cold winter months. Then when they were finished I wrapped them up complete with curly ribbons and when we started opening presents Taylor and Alex both chose my blankets to open first. I was really happy because they both loved them and they used them right away! So here are some pictures of the blankets.

This is Alex's blanket I embroidered a to and from on the back

This is Taylor's blanket and I also embroidered a to and from


Becca said...

Very cute Jenny!

megs said...

hey i am loving that sweatshirt!! wow all three of you look so cozy! also, nice work in slipping in the "aunt jenny"-soon you will win them over.

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