9 am

{Me, Taylor, Rose, and Megan}
Well it really has been a while hasn't it since my last post? I have been a pretty busy gal lately because I recently finished up our school yearbook, (which was a tough but rewarding task to be the editor) I've been doing school work and trying to make the most out of my last remaining months of high school. . . that's still weird to say. Now I am home for a much needed break (Spring Break!) I got out of school on Friday at noon and I stayed until Saturday morning to see some of the grade school tournaments. My niece Taylor was playing in them for the first time so I had to be there to cheer her on (the only girl on the team I might add). So I just hung out with some friends and on Saturday morning Megan, her younger sister Rose, Taylor, Jo, and I went out to breakfast at good old Randy's Family restaurant. Megan and I had wanted to introduce Rose and Taylor for a long time because we thought they had a lot in common. After acting shy around each other for a little bit they found some common ground to talk about. . .Webkinz. Now I don't know a lot about the world of Webkinz but I'm assuming that Taylor and Rose liked each other right away because they exchanged Webkinz screen names :) So after a delicious breakfast with fun company I was off and now I am happily back in Chaska. I am really excited for spring break and I just hope that it won't pass me by too quickly.

{A bit too early on a Saturday morning, but nothing a little coffee can't fix.}

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