"I Put My New Shoes On"

Today I went to Target {one of my favorite stores} and I bought these sparkly zebra flats that I have had my eye on for a long time now. I knew I had to get them now before they either 1) went on clearance and then my size would be gone or 2) I went to Target one day to once again consider buying them only to find that they have vanished from the store completely. My feet are so happy in these flats. I could dress them up or down and they go really well with the new black dress that I bought for 6 dollars! This dress is another find. I don't have a picture of it to post but it's super comfy and I could wear it any old time, it can be dressy when I need it to be dressy or casual when I want it to be. What can I say, I love Target!

1 comment:

megs said...

i love target too. congrats on your happy feet and i like the title of this one.

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