At the beginning of the summer I started to redecorate my room. It had some "growing up" to do. I have been holding off on sharing the before and after because I was slowly finishing my room up. I am not 100% finished but it is close enough and I couldn't wait any longer to share it with you. So here we go...before
the weird circle thing on the wall is a reflection from my mirror

So as you can see, I needed an update from this very bright and younger looking bedroom

I painted the walls "Warm Earth" brown and all of the woodwork is "Antique White"

I used orange as a punch of color and navy blue and a touch of sage green as my other accent colors to create a warm and cozy color palette

I also rearranged my furniture and got rid of my dresser to make a little more space. I have a tiny room and it feels slightly larger now.

And this is my delightful new bed. I have slept in the same, sagging twin bed my whole life and I finally upgraded. It's still a twin because like I said I'm short on space but I love the black, mission style headboard and foot board! The new bedding is from Ikea and I still have to make some throw pillows. (probably some orange and navy blue)

I would like to get some wrought iron, candle wall sconces to put on either side of this mirror to finish off this wall. But there you have it! I love my new room and it's so cozy that I never want to leave.


Anonymous said...

ooo i love it! nice job!

Becca said...

Love your room- it's a total transformation. I can't believe dad let you paint the wood. It looks really good. Can't wait to see it in person. I miss you!

Jeff said...

wow jenny!! so beautiful! great job, love the headboard. but i admit, i'm a little sad to see that ribbon duvet cover go...you and your mom worked so hard on that and it was so cute! hope you saved it for *someday!*

bethany said...

Jenny, this looks SO great! It is such a "grown up" transformation...and I'm also in love with the headboard.

Is that mirror from IKEA? I feel like I've drooled over it a thousand times! :)

Megan said...

love it! you're such a grown up now!

Not Your Average Jo said...

WOW WOW you are so creative and i love your room and i love sleeping in it too!! :)

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