A Weekend Wedding

It has been a while since my last post and a lot has happened since. Today is Tuesday and the picture you see above is one of my craft projects that I was frantically trying to get done in time for my dear friend Emily's wedding. I embroidered seven dish towels {one for each day of the week}. I will try my best to post one every day this week so you can see them all. This last weekend a few friends came to my house and celebrated my 19th birthday with me. Then we went to Eau Claire to attend Emily and Paul's wedding, Emily is the first of my friends to get married. It still seems strange to me that I am old enough to have friends that are getting married. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Emily and Paul together, so I'll share the few that I did snap.
Mrs. TiefelIn between the wedding and the reception Megan and I got a chance to catch up with some friends!

The reception was outdoors at Gem Gardens in Eau Claire, although it was a bit chilly it was a pretty reception held under a tent with twinkle lights and candles, it a very beautiful place to have a reception. So congratulations Paul and Emily! It was really nice to have a weekend to get together with friends and catch up. As always it went by all too quickly but it was a great weekend.

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