"Make It Work"

Tonight I was at work and putting new embroidery floss out on the shelves and I just happened to look up from what I was doing and Christopher Straub was standing in the same aisle as me. After I took a double take to make almost 100% sure it was him I said, "This is going to sound weird but were you on Project Runway this season?" And he nodded. To which I said, "Wow, I'm a really big fan of your work and I was rooting for you". He said, "Thank you that means a lot, I'm Christopher by the way" and put out his hand for a handshake. He was really down to earth and after chatting with him about Project Runway a little bit he asked me to help him find a plate holder. Never before had I been that happy to help a customer. So I gladly showed him where they were. I was so excited the rest of the night to tell someone. I pulled into our garage and ran into the house to tell my mom, who could not believe it. We were always joking that since he was from Shakopee maybe we would run into him, never really believing it would happen. I have to keep pinching myself to remind myself that it really happened. What a small world!

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Amanda said...

Wow! That's so cool...small world isn't it?
Yay for your "celebrity sighting"

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