Current Favorites

I love this sweater from Anthropology. You can't see it in this picture but you can wear it in three different ways. I would love to wrap this cozy sweater around me this winter.
I have always wanted a pair of brown boots, I really like the distressed look of these ones and I love that they are pretty much flat so they wouldn't add to my height.

I think these blankets are really pretty. I like the chunky cable pattern, if I were to get one I think I'd pick the red. If I had a pattern for one of these blankets I would love to try knitting one.


Becca said...

Hey Jenny I think I know the pattern on the blanket here is the address:

I want to make one. Since it's thick and bulky I think it would be quick to make

Megan said...

I really love those boots-a perfect way to start your college fashion ;)

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