I realize that I said I would try to post every day this week but I failed. So here is a post trying to catch up. Here are the rest of the dish towels that I embroidered.
I worked on Friday and that night Megan came to my house and Carly arrived later that night. Unfortunately I had to work Saturday afternoon and night so I had very little time to see Carly but it was still good to see her. I got to leave work a little early because it was completely dead being that it was Halloween and all. I spent the rest of the night spending time with Megan and my family and I even made it home in time to see Taylor and Alex still dressed in their Halloween costumes. Sunday was a nice lazy day, we went to church and then Megan and I went to Target after and picked up these super comfy pj pants and lounged around in them the rest of the day. We watched "The Family Stone" on Sunday afternoon, I love that movie so much. It made me start to itch for Christmas, but more about that later. Megan left and Heidi, my mom and I hung out the rest of the night since my dad and James are out hunting for the week. I also had today off and it's been nice to relax and get caught up on laundry and to be able to again lounge around in my new plaid flannel pants!

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