Confessions {Part 2}

Is there something wrong with me that it takes me days to get laundry done? Well let me back up. I wait as long as I can without doing laundry and to quiet any questions that may be forming in your minds right now about my hygiene habits, don't worry, I wear clean clothes, it's when I run out of clean clothes that I know I absolutely need to do laundry. When I'm getting down to the last of my clean clothes I start the laundry process--and yes it is necessary to call it a process. I know it's not hard to separate some clothes throw them in the washer add soap and turn the thing on. For some reason though I hate doing it, I go into it thinking, 'Okay I am going to start and finish my laundry today' but the truth of the matter is that I get one load completely done and then two days later I'll do another load and hopefully by the end of the week I have all of my clothes washed and dried. (and folded?) It's such a terrible habit, sometimes I am better about it than others. It is a love/hate relationship that I have with laundry because I love having clean, fresh smelling, clothes but I hate separating, switching from washer to dryer, taking out the clothes I don't want in the dryer out to air dry, folding the massive heap, and finding places to put all of my clothes (seeing as how I don't have a dresser anymore). Sometimes I like to daydream about having a huge walk in closet and I think, the day that I have a big closet where I can easily access my clothes is the day where doing laundry will no longer be a bother. A girl can dream can't she? I know that some people love doing laundry and are very good about keeping up with it and I tip my hat to you, and ask would you like to help me? I suppose that I should stop rambling on about my laundry woes and finish my last load and get the folding/putting away process in swing. Will that actually happen today? Your guess is as good as mine!

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swell.life said...

ugh, me too. the laundry never ends here. i just finished folding a load of diapers...now onto the colors. by the time i get all of our clothes washed, it's time to do dipes again. our hamper is a bottomless pit.

thanks for posting about the giveaway!!

can't wait to see you this weekend. :)

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