Completely Jazzed

I cannot contain my excitement any longer, this fall Megan will be going to the U of M and living in the cities! I keep daydreaming about finally being able to see her regularly and getting together at coffee shops to do homework or spending a Friday night watching movies late into the night. More than anything it will feel great to have my best friend {the girl who knows me freakishly too well and usually knows what I am about to say before I say it} within a short driving distance of me. After having a lonely year of being apart from my boyfriend and all of my friends I will be returning to school in the fall and having a friend around to boot! I can't wait for you to come here Megs!

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Megan said...

As always, this best friend you speak of sounds pretty awesome. I wish she had a blog that I could read.

Also, this picture made me think--we should hit up New Moon Cafe in August. It won't be quite as cozy as it was in the winter but they have good iced drinks and a lot of the time there's bands and stuff playing in the square outside.

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