Take a Look {It's in a Book}

Not too long a ago I found myself in a book rut. As of late I have slowly been coming out of it. It started when I finished 'Handle with Care' by Jodi Picoult. Then I picked up this book.I saw the movie first and usually I don't desire to read a book after I see the movie but I am glad that I did. The movie followed the book pretty well but reading the book was so much better. In a way though I was glad to have a visual in my head {from the movie} while I was reading the book. I read this book pretty fast, it was such a good read and I'm not even a dog lover.
Now I am just starting this book.Megan recommended it to me so I picked up a copy today and I'm going to crack it open this afternoon while I am doing my laundry. It feels good to finally finish the books I start. I am trying to soak up as many books as I can this summer before I start school this fall. Does anyone have any good recommendations?

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