Unloading my {Bag}gage

I don't usually use my blog as a place to share my feelings or air my grievances but I figured every once in a while it wouldn't hurt to open up and I wouldn't mind venting a little.
Monday night I found myself driving home holding back my tears and with every mile I drove I was putting that much more distance between me and Jacob, which in turn made me hold back even more tears. I know that I am not the only one to have ever been in a long distance relationship and I realize that we could be a lot farther apart but even so knowing these facts doesn't make it any easier to be away from him. Usually right after seeing him I allow myself to feel sad for a day at the most and then look onward to the next time I will get to see him. These past few days however, I have not been able to kick the heartache. I hate being apart, and I know it won't be forever but once again it doesn't seem to make up for the fact I'm here and he's there.
Tonight, determined to make myself feel better I went to do what I do best...went shopping. I found myself in Target, I know that the idea of retail therapy may be one of the biggest cliches but I couldn't help myself. I bought the perfect bag, the right price, the right color, the perfect size, I had to have it. Sadly buying this bag, a couple of headbands, and a pair of pajama shorts I did leave the store feeling a little bit better. Don't misunderstand me, I am not so shallow that a couple of new purchases is enough to get my mind off of my boyfriend, I still miss him everyday but for some odd reason having this new golden bag to sling over my shoulder makes me a little bit happier. However, when I find myself to be a poor college student this fall I think I might have to find a cheaper way to deal with my feelings.

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bethany said...

Aww...Jenny. :( Long distance is absolutely the worst!

As a stranger once said to me via a blog comment..."You buy all the pretty you need!" Sometimes...it's okay to admit that the little pretty things, like an adorable new bag, get you through those heartachey days. :)

You've got sunshine. In purse format. :)

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