30 Day Challenge {Day 1}

I discovered this 30 day blogging challenge here and thought that is would be fun to participate.

Day 1~Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts1} I hate flat pillows with artificial feathers. I need my pillow to be fluffy and full of down feathers
2}I make a mean manicotti
3} I love freshly painted finger nails
4} My best friend was born five days after me
5} I own my very own bowling shirt with my name stitched on the front
6} I love big purses
7} Chapstick is my biggest vice
8} I sometimes talk in my sleep
9} I secretly wish that I was a member of a rowing team
10} I wish I had what it takes to become a surgeon {I don't think I have a strong enough of a stomach for some of the things you see in surgery
11} I have seen every Gilmore Girl episode at least three times {it never gets old}
12} My pinky toes are hilariously non-proportional to the rest of my toes
13} I love the movie White Christmas and someday hope to acquire two blue feather fans so that my sister and I can sing/dance to "Sisters"
14} October is my favorite month
15} Knitting is my favorite hobby

1 comment:

Emily Ryan said...

totally love this 30 day challenge!! what a cute idea!! I might just have to join you in your 30 day quest!

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