30 Day Challenge {Day 16}

{Day 16} Dream House
I think about my dream house all of the time. Most people might dream more about what type of house they want to live in or the location and it's not that I don't think about those things but I mainly focus on how I would decorate my dream house. I just can't make up my mind about what kind of house I like Log Cabin homes, craftsmen style homes, little cozy cottages and as far as location, the one thing I am sure of is that I don't ever want to live in the heart of a city. City life is not for me. Since I like to focus on the decor I'll share a couple of pictures of interior design that I love. {Once again I feel like my taste is all over the place so these probably best reflect my current mood and taste}
I like clean lines when it comes to furniture but with a bit of a rugged feel. I'm drawn to darker wall colors and wood colors. Overall I want my home to have a warm and inviting feeling. I want to make it a cozy space that has a true feeling of home. I want framed picture to cover my walls and soft simple rugs to adorn my hardwood floors. Oh and I guess a hot tub would be something that I wouldn't terribly mind in my dream home ;)

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