30 Day Challenge {Day 18}

{Day 18} Something you regret...When I was in 7th grade I was selected to go on a Student Ambassador trip to Ireland and London. It sounded amazing, for the first part of the trip you get to stay in a sheep herder's home in the Ireland countryside and the second part of the trip was spent in exciting London. Assuming that the funding for this trip would be way more than I could afford I didn't even bother to attend the informational meeting. Missing this trip is something I regret. What I regret even more is that I passed by my second chance when I got selected again in 8th grade. Only 3-4 people get selected {through teacher recommendations} and I thought the odds were pretty slim that I would get selected again but I did. This time the trip that was offered was to Australia and New Zealand. I toyed with the idea more this time but once again I passed. Ever since then, whenever I long to travel abroad I can't help but look back and kick myself for not even trying to make those trips a reality. Hopefully one day I'll get my passport and travel to these places, until then the Travel Channel will have to suffice :)

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