30 Day Challenge {Day 4}

{Day 4} Your Parents

Where do I even start? My parents are the best. They have always taken care of me and looked out for me, my whole life. They were never the "strict" parents or the "overprotective" parents, they raised us well and trusted that we would make good decisions. My dad is the kind of dad who can fix anything. Seriously, cars, toilets, ovens, you name it. He always helped me with my school projects, my Junior year of high school I had to make a boat in Physics with a motor and all and my dad came to my rescue, I could have never turned out a working boat if it weren't for him. My mom is amazing as well. She's a cooks delicious food, sews, knits, crochets; name a domestic hobby and she does it. She does it all, she works and takes care of the house and her children, even though we are all grown up now and moved out of the house {except for me} she and my dad are still looking out for us. Growing up, my mom was always there to comfort me when I was sick or send me a care package when I lived in the dorms. I love my parents so much, they have raised me to be the person I am today and I owe them so much. Love you Mom and Dad!

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