30 Day Challenge {Day 30}

{Day 30} A picture

Phew. Here I am at day 30, the end of the 30 Day challenge. At times it was hard to keep up but I made it, all 30 posts. To end the challenge the picture I chose is reflective of my mood right now. I am waiting for snow to show up any day now. This may seem strange, you would think that living in the Midwest I would want to be soaking up these 60 degree days before the long chilling winter begins. What can I say, it's how I feel. So here's to completing the 30 Day Challenge and the hope that Jack Frost will be nipping at my nose soon!

1 comment:

Megan said...

I love this picture. We look so young though! Makes me miss Room 200. Also makes me look forward to Merry November!

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