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Somewhere inside of me I know it exists but I can't find it today. I can't find my creativity. I have to work on a self-portrait for art class. I can't draw it from a picture I have to sit in front of a mirror with my sketchpad and pencils in hand and have at it. I think that my creativity is hiding because it's as intimidated as I am by this assignment. This whole semester I've mostly been drawing still lives and now I have to tackle this. I usually draw portraits from photos so this is a challenge to say the least. I am a perfectionist and I won't be able to accept that this could very well turn out poorly to say the least. But alas I need to stop procrastinating and throw caution to the wind and dig in. Wish me luck!

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bethany said...

Oh, girl I so understand! I had this assignment last year (a four foot painting!) and it's totally dreadful. Not only do you have to learn do art in a new way, without a photo, you also have to wrestle with all those insecurities staring you in the face.

I hope it turns out well...I'm sure it will. :)

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