Simply Honored

I am fairly certain that art education is the major that I want to declare but at times I feel insecure that I don't have what it takes to be an art major not to mention that the job outlook for an art teacher is not exactly the best. But it's days like today that I am handed an extra boost of confidence that maybe, just maybe I can do it. I got one of my pieces passed back to me today and with it was a form to enter it in the Spring Student Art show. Now it's no guarantee that it will be chosen but I am simply honored that my teacher chose one of my pieces to submit. Now I will anxiously be waiting to hear if I made the cut. I would share a picture of my piece but it is currently in my teacher's possession. Yay for happy Monday surprises that tickle you pink!


Megan Jane said...

You better change your life plan now! It's a sign!
Just like I've been telling you for the past 8 years!

Megan Jane said...

PS Hey Starbucks DOES have a white chocolate version of your favorite seasonal drink, we should have one this weekend in celebration.

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