A Little Premature

What's this a photo of? You may ask. It's a snapshot of my Valentine's Day gift for Jacob. {no more details though because sometimes he checks up on my blog} As I mentioned in a previous post I hand crafted his gift this year. I must say that I'm patting myself on the back for not only finishing it on time but even having it wrapped. After knitting him a scarf for Christmas and having to finish it in front of him because I didn't get it done in time, I would say that this is what you call progress. I felt a little silly wrapping it up this far in advance but I figured why not? I love, love, love Valentine's Day but it's kind of funny because I have Valentine's Day plans, none of which fall on the actual day. On February 13th I'm gal paling it up at my sister's "Galentine's Day Brunch" {a term coined from Parks and Recreation} And then of course, as I've mentioned before, celebrating a few days late with my love and hoping that he likes my gift! Oh well I don't mind drawing out one of my favorite holidays! What are your plans?

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