Long Overdue

Last year my best friend went to school in Iowa and we rarely got to see each other. Now she is here in Minnesota and we get to see each other more than we used to. However, lately we've been playing phone tag and communicating through e-mails and facebook...not good. Megs is a driven, hard working college student and rarely has a moment for herself, but this weekend her Friday is completely open. That means that we finally get to have a much needed sleepover! This is just the thing I need right now. Cabin fever is starting to set in and I'm feeling like kind of a homebody loner lately. I can't wait to spend Friday, talking, drinking coffee, watching movies, baking and chilling with my bestie. We always have a great time together! Now if I could just magically skip to Friday!

1 comment:

Megan Jane said...

This made me feel all toasty inside. Also, I like what you did with that apple picture. Very "arty".

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