When Life Gets in the Way

Every day I miss my boyfriend. It's a fact. But lately I miss him even more than normal. We both have been pretty busy with school this semester and it's only the beginning {don't want to know what it will be like when things really pick up} Lately our phone calls have been abbreviated, to say the least. We both wish we had more time to talk but every time we have a conversation it seems like one of us is cutting it short to go and do homework. However, even a little chat is better than no chat. Now I can say that with certainty because Jacob lost his phone the other day {possibly in a snowy parking lot and most likely got plowed into a snow bank.} So now we are limited to facebook chat until he gets a new phone. It's not quite the same as hearing his voice every night before I go to bed. I'm really missing him and I can't wait until Feb. 18th when we have a three day weekend and I can go visit him. Until then I hope a new cell phone arrives soon!

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