"Hit me with your best shot and fire away"

Sorry for the absence. It was nice to take a break from the computer and spend some much needed time with Jacob. We had a great two weeks together. Unfortunately, the first week my time was divided between Jacob and finals. Last Monday I finished my last final and we traveled to Watertown to spend a week at Jacob's. For a long time Jacob had been promising me that he would taking me to a shooting range, since I've never fired a gun. We finally went and I had a lot of fun.

Jacob is an amazing shot, I think he hit every single clay pigeon. I was thoroughly impressed.
I, on the other hand was not as good. I did manage to hit two clay pigeons and I was so excited. I wasn't expecting to hit any. Jacob was very good at explaining what to do and how to aim better so that I would hit one. This is why I love him, he's so patient with me and just encourages me, even when I think I can't do something. To recap what I learned, I shot a 12 gauge shotgun, learned how to load it and learned the difference between different kinds of guns and bullets. Thanks Sweets for being  so patient with me and answering all of my dumb questions. It was such a fun date and it was nice to get outside and do something! A great kick off to summer!

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