Take Me Out to the Ball Game

During my finals week Jacob and I were watching the Twins vs. Tigers game on TV Tuesday night and we noticed there was a noon game the next day and Jacob suggested that we go. I wanted to go but I didn't really want to have to deal with planning it all. I know it may sound lazy but I didn't know which seats were the best or have to find a good parking lot to park in and all that jazz. I was just worried about studying for finals. So Jacob, being the wonderful man that he is, planned it all. The next morning I was making pancakes and he told me that he bought tickets and that we were indeed going to the Twins vs. Tigers game. I didn't have finals that day and it was the perfect thing to do to get my mind off of my upcoming tests. I had not yet been to Target Field and it was the perfect way to watch a baseball game, instead of inside at the metrodome. Jacob's family are big Tigers fans so his dad was texting us during the game because he was watching it at home. He was able to spot us on TV, which was kind of funny. All in all it was a great day, even though the Twins lost.

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