Time Flies

I feel like I just left my house to travel to Jacob's for a couple of days and here I am, back already. Time really does fly when you're having fun. From the moment I got there. I felt like we were going from one thing to the next, not at all complaining about that because I had a great time, but I did however, completely forget to take a single picture. That's right, not one. It seems that I've been forgetting that a lot lately. I'm especially bummed because this is the first 4th of July that Jacob and I actually got to spend with each other and I don't have a single picture to prove it.
Instead of giving you the complete play by play of my weekend I'll give you a list of highlights.

Things I loved about the holiday weekend...
~Clear blue skies
~Quality time spent with Jacob's family around the bonfire
~Being outside so much that my freckles have really started to show (it must be summer)
~Remembering to put on sunscreen all weekend which equals, no sunburn!!! (this is a huge accomplishment for me and my fair skin)
~Being with my wonderful boyfriend and seeing him get as excited as a little kid when we went to see fireworks
~Shooting off our own fireworks
~Spending time with old friends
~Going to the beach (first time all summer) and having it all to ourselves

As always I'm sad that the weekend went by so quickly but what can you do?

1 comment:

Laura said...

So sad about no photos! And I'm so impressed you remembered sunscreen. My fair skin and I understand.

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