I'm Off

Photo via Weheartit

Tomorrow I'm off to my boyfriend's house for the 4th! I'm excited because Jacob and I have never spent the 4th of July together. Two of our closest friends from high school are coming Monday night and staying until Tuesday and we are going to shoot off a bunch of fireworks and I'm hoping to hit up the beach at least once. I'm really looking forward to spending the holiday weekend with friends and having a grand old time. When I get back I have to go to my orientation at my new job. That's right I finally landed a job at Gap and I'm really excited about the employee discount, can you say 50%?! So I'm going to live it up this weekend before I have to re-enter the work world. What about you? How are you celebrating the 4th?


Megan Jane said...

I'm really one of your two closest friends from high school? Woooohooo!

Jenny said...

what made you think it was you I was talking about? haha Just kidding, of course you are!

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